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Canada is an ideal destination for enterprising people wishing to start a new life, find a new home, build a rewarding career or develop a new business; all in a welcoming society renowned for its economic and political stability.

As a new Canadian, you will share in the freedom and high quality of life for which this country is known, including an excellent education system, health care for the entire family and healthy outdoor living.

Freedom to Travel

Four years after becoming a Permanent Resident through the Immigrant Investor Program, Canadian citizenship will become available to you, after meeting specific requirements. The Canadian passport is one of the best travel documents in the world. With it, you will enjoy the luxury of travelling freely in more than 140 countries, without a visitor visa.

A safe country

Canada is a country that values equality and diversity; a place where everyone is free to be who they want to be, regardless of age, gender, race or religion.

Space to explore and grow

Canada is the second-largest country in the world. Some 90% of the population is concentrated within 200 km of the U.S. border, leaving huge areas of natural beauty and accessible wilderness for you to enjoy.

A country of renowned diversity

With the highest per capita immigration rate in the world, Canada is home to immigrants from over 240 different countries. Canadian citizens have identified more than 200 languages as their mother tongue, making this one of the world’s most multilingual societies.

An advanced, hightech industrial society

Canada’s economy is continuously growing due to the dynamic presence of industries such as services, information technology, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, tourism and hydroelectricity.

Canada has a highly diversified economy that is reliant in large part upon its plentiful natural resources and trade – particularly with the United States

Canada is the U.S.’s largest foreign supplier of energy; including oil, gas, uranium and electric power

Since the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Canadians have had access to the world’s largest free trade area.

A place to learn

Canada has the best educational system in the world. Montreal’s McGill University consistently tops international rankings and is among the top 20 universities in the world. Education in Canada is funded by federal, provincial and municipal governments.

Healthcare for all

Canadians strongly believe that basic healthcare is a right to be enjoyed by everyone. For this reason, healthcare in Canada is delivered primarily through a publicly funded system. Healthcare services are free and are monitored to ensure high quality standards.

Best quality of life

Canada has the best overall quality of life in the world. In a 2014 quality-of-life ranking of 230 cities by a renowned consulting firm, four Canadian cities came in among the top 25 worldwide.

Sherbrooke Street Capital Inc., Secure, Proven and Responsive

Sherbrooke Street Capital Inc. is an independent full-service brokerage firm and investment dealer with four main business divisions: Personal Wealth Management, Capital Markets, Institutional Services and Immigrant Investor Program.

A reliable service you can trust

Sherbrooke Street Capital Inc. is a responsive company owned and run by experienced professionals with proven track records.

As a boutique independent firm, we provide proven service, greater results and more options. Our success comes from building long-term relationships based on mutual respect and trust.

Sherbrooke Street Capital Inc. works in close collaboration with the major banks in Canada in order to offer high-quality banking services to all our clients to ensure their complete satisfaction. In this way, our clients do not feel limited in their choice of services

The Program

Sherbrooke Street Capital Inc. has partnered with the Government of Québec to offer the Québec Immigrant Investor Program, which will provide experienced business people and senior managers this unique opportunity to immigrate to Canada.

By satisfying certain requirements and investing a pre-determined amount of capital, potential candidates can obtain permanent residency in Canada for themselves and their families.

This fast, efficient and very accessible program allows newcomers to contribute positively to the economic development of Canada even before they arrive.

Eligibility requirements

Candidates must satisfy the following requirements to be eligible for the Program:
• Investors must have a minimum net worth of $2.0 million CDN;
• Investors must invest an amount of $1,200,000 CDN in the Canadian economy for a period of five years. Financing is available;

Program procedures

o take advantage of this unique Program, please complete the following steps:

1. Contact an immigration specialist authorised to promote Sherbrooke Street Capital Inc.’s Immigrant Investor Program.

2. Sign Sherbrooke Street Capital Inc.’s documentation detailing each party’s responsibilities.

3. Provide all required documentation, duly signed and completed.

4. Submit an Immigration Application to the appropriate immigration authorities.

5. Transfer the required funds to Sherbrooke Street Capital Inc. within the allotted time frame


Sherbrooke Street Capital Inc.’s Immigrant Investor Program offers countless benefits and opportunities for you and your family in Canada and for generations to come:

• Solid and reputable nationality

• World-class education system

• Economic and political stability

• Safe and peaceful environment

• Universal healthcare system

• Clean environment with plentiful natural resources

• Gateway to North America (NAFTA): providing direct access to more than 400 million consumers

Why choose our Program?

Guy Pilote and his team have been involved in Canada’s Immigrant Investor Program since its inception in 1986. Today, we are recognised as industry leaders with an outstanding service team made up of a global network of knowledgeable, experienced immigration experts and financial specialists.

We do more than just help you get here

Sherbrooke Street Capital Inc. is able to offer you a vast array of financial services.

Wealth Management

Sherbrooke Street Capital Inc. provides a full spectrum of services, ranging from investment advice to retirement, estate, life insurance and tax planning services, all personalized to the needs of each of our clients and their families. By looking at the big picture, Sherbrooke Street Capital Inc. provides a complete portfolio of services that covers the full range of our clients’ needs and includes longterm strategies that encompass the next generation.

Building relationships for life

Building relationships for life is at the heart of our business philosophy. We provide trusted advice and personalized solutions to help you achieve your financial goals and peace of mind.

The service you deserve

Sherbrooke Street Capital Inc. and its team have been helping Immigrant Investor clients and their families settle in Canada for many years. We are committed to making your experience with us as rewarding as possible.

After Landing Program

The After Landing Program exists to assist you with your transition into Canadian society, including finding a home and recommending professional services, once you have obtained your Permanent Residence status.

Contact us

To find out more, or to take advantage of Sherbrooke Street Capital Inc.’s Immigrant Investor Program, please contact us today. We will be more than happy to introduce you to one of our experienced immigration specialists.